Dr. Michelle Miley will be the featured workshop leader at the 2018 NCPTW!


Dr. Michelle Miley is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at Montana State University. Drawing from sociocultural, feminist, and thirdspace theories, Michelle conceptualizes writing centers as sites that make visible the dynamic and radical relationality of the activity of writing. Her conceptualization of writing centers as thirdspace informs her research and shapes her examination and exploration of relationships in writing center work.

In recent projects, Michelle has turned to institutional ethnography and autoethnography as methodologies for mapping the coordinated relationships between individuals, writing centers, writing programs, and institutions. Each of these methodologies provides a unique standpoint for understanding the interdependence of writing centers both locally and globally. She argues that understanding this interdependence helps those of us in writing centers advocate for our students, our tutors, our centers, and our institutions. Her writing center scholarship has appeared in venues like the Writing Center Journal and The Peer Review.

Currently, Michelle is working with a team of peer tutors on an institutional ethnography that begins from the standpoint of students, asking them how they understand the purpose of academic writing. She and her team received a research grant from IWCA for this project. She is excited to facilitate a workshop for NCPTW, specifically exploring the methodology of institutional ethnography and the opportunity that lens offers us in our advocacy for students.

Dr. Miley’s workshop, “From the Student’s Standpoint: Using Institutional Ethnography to Map for Advocacy,” will take place Friday afternoon at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center.

Check the conference program for more information on the workshops that will be offered at this year’s conference.

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