Shuttle Schedule

On Saturday, the conference shuttle will run on loops from the conference hotel (La Quinta), the Convention Centre, and the Birding & Nature Center. On Sunday, the loop will run from the conference hotel and the Convention Centre only.

Date  Departure  Arrival  From  To 
Saturday 7:00am  7:05am  La Quinta  Convention Centre 
  7:10am  7:15am  CC  LQ 
  7:20am  7:25am  LQ  CC 
  7:30am  7:35am  CC  LQ 
  7:40am  7:45am  LQ  CC 
  8:45am  9:00am  CC  LQ 
  9:05am  9:10am  LQ  CC 
Saturday  10:40am  10:45am  Convention Centre  Birding & Nature Center 
  12:10pm  12:15pm  BNC  CC 
  12:20pm  12:25pm  CC  BNC 
  1:55pm  2:00pm  BNC  CC 
Saturday 4:00pm  4:05pm  Convention Centre  La Quinta 
  4:10pm  4:15pm  LQ  CC 
  6:15pm  6:20pm  CC  LQ 
Sunday  8:00am  8:10am  LQ  CC 
  8:15am  8:20am  CC  LQ 
  8:30am  8:35am  LQ  CC 
  9:30am  9:40am  CC  LQ 
  9:50am  9:55am  LQ  CC 
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