Sessions at the Birding & Nature Center

In addition the sessions at the South Padre Island Convention Centre, some presentations and workshops will take place at the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center, next door to and about a short walk away from the CC. Those sessions are:

  • A.3: Alyssa Cavazos, Norma Denae Dibrell, Leticia Gonzalez-Leal, and Sandra Musanti, Workshop: “(Re)thinking Writing Tutoring Across Linguistic Borders: A Translingual-Community Engaged Framework for Peer Tutoring in Writing”
  • B.3: Michelle Miley, Workshop: “From the Student’s Standpoint: Using Institutional Ethnography to Map for Advocacy”
  • D.3: Olivia Zeman-Renner, and Sarah Cohen, Workshop: “The Symbiotic Writing Center: The Complexity of Office Assistant-Consultant Collaboration”
  • E.8: The Writing Center: A World Perspective
    • Ananya Vijayavargiya, “Borrowed Tongues”
    • Daiki Yoshioka, “Transnational and Trans-institutional “Migrations”: Thinking Pedagogical and Spatial Accessibility from a Counter Narrative”
    • Brian Fallon, “‘People on the Move’: Tutoring Writing in Times that Require Global Action”

These sessions are scheduled to allow for more changing time in between sessions. In addition, all #NCPTW18 attendees, provided you have your conference badge with you, will be able to visit the Birding & Nature Center and explore their grounds.

View from BNC

View from the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center Viewing Tower. The boardwalk and Center facilities are accessible, including an elevator for the tower.

How to get from the Convention Center to the Birding & Nature Center:

On Friday, there will be accessible shuttle service from the CC to the BNC. On Friday, the local organizing committee will help provide carpool rides.

If you’d like to walk from the CC to the BNC (5-10 minutes), first look for the entrance to the CC:

CC entrance

Next, head down that sidewalk, looking for the SPI logo:

SPI sidewalk

Then, follow the sidewalk to the BNC entrance, or take the stone path shortcut to the BNC driveway, and make your way up to the Center.

BNC entrance to STIPath to BNC

As always, you can ask any of the Local Organizing Committee for assistance or direction — we’re happy to help!

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