Saturday Program Updates

Description Correction: Theater

“From Writer to Tutor: How Diverse Students Migrate to–and Continue in–Writing Center Work” by Paula Harrington, James Gibson, and Sophie Pedersen. Colby College.

At Colby College’s Farnham Writers’ Center in Maine, our mission is to create a space where a new visitor cannot assume, based on physical appearance or language, who is the “tutor” and who the “tutee.” That goal has required us to reflect on how we move diverse students to come initially to the Center and then become tutors themselves. In this round table, we will frame the questions, “How do students migrate to writing center work and why do they stay?” by analyzing what has and hasn’t been working at our own center, with an eye toward sparking a round table conversation about the experiences of other institutions. We hope to facilitate an open and productive exchange of ideas that addresses central questions of diverse tutor recruitment and retention.

Room Correction: 101 – Art Meets Writing

“Picasso and Peer Consulting: An Art Historian Migrates to the Writing Center,” by Jane  Celeste. Rice University

“Drawing Power: Analyzing Writing Center as Homeplace through Gesture Drawings,” by Hannah Telling. Montana State University — Bozeman

“Indication in the Writing Center,” by Adela Baker. University of Michigan.


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