Art and Migration: Creating Collective Memory of Writing Center Conference Work

The beach can be a restorative, inspirational, and meditative space. It can also awaken or bolster creativity. In celebration of your time on South Padre Island, you are invited to participate in a collaborative art project. Starting Saturday at 1:30pm, there will be two canvases in the Convention Center lobby. As you explore the island, take some time to pick up a a shell or two to add to the canvases. Consider your additions as symbols of the work done here together this weekend and the final product a collective memory of your time at #NCPTW18. The canvases will be in the lobby until the end of the conference on Sunday.

The finished pieces will migrate to IWCA/NCPTW in Columbus next year as an example of the conference theme of art and meaning-making. The hope is that #NCPTW18 attendees will revisit the artistic process and/or product of which they were part, possibly as a workshop or roundtable on meaning-making, intentionality, or other thoughts and gestures the art project initiates. If you have any questions, you can contact Jennifer Marciniak, writing center director at Southwestern University, at or on Twitter @tululoo.


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