Planning Your NCPTW Poster Presentation

As you prepare for your poster presentation at the upcoming National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, we wanted to provide some specifics about the poster session and share some resources that the tutors at the UTRGV Writing Center thought might be helpful.
The poster session will take place 11:30am-1:00pm on Saturday, November 3 and will be held in the Convention Centre lobby. That block will overlap slightly with the D and E sessions, as well as the extended intersession break for lunch. The reason for this approach to scheduling is to place you and your presentations centrally within the conference space and during a high traffic time of day in order to increase the potentials for interaction.
Following Lee & Carpenter’s call in their 2017 article in The Writing Center Journal, “Design and Pitch: Introducing Multiliteracies Through Scientific Research Posters” (citation below), we want to acknowledge the important roles that posters play as meaning-sharing practices, emphasize their place as scholarly discourse, and foreground their place within the conference experience.
As you design your poster, consider how you’ll combine content, visual rhetoric, and delivery. Thinking beyond the traditional format of an scholarly presentation poster, you might consider using an online program like Easelly, Piktochart, or Canva to give your poster a more contemporary infographic look. Here are some resources to help with that (your school’s library or writing center might have some useful information, too):

Regarding poster size, scholarly presentation posters are typically presented in landscape with the following dimensions: 36” high x 48” wide (or 91.4 cm high x 121.9 cm wide). We’re working on procuring easels, wall space, and hanging supplies for everyone (there are seven poster presentations scheduled). If you only want to bring your poster, bring that. If you have preferred mounting supplies, you can bring those, too!


Lee, S., & Carpenter, R. (2017). Design and Pitch: Introducing Multiliteracies Through Scientific Research Posters. The Writing Center Journal, 36(2), 205-232. Retrieved from

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