Excursion #1: Sea Turtle, Inc.

Dra. Alyssa Cavazos is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Composition, & Literacy Studies at UTRGV. Her research interests include transligualism, community literacy, and faculty language negotiations.

¡Bienvenidos! Sea Turtle, Inc. is a non-profit organization located on South Padre Island, Texas founded in 1977 by Ila Fox Loetscher. Their mission is to rescue and rehabilitate injured or ill sea turtles for release back into the wild, educate the public about efforts to protect sea turtles, and assist in conservation aims for all sea turtles.

Sea turtles migrate between foraging and nesting areas across the ocean and often travel thousands of miles. With environmental climate change and failure to enact environmentally friendly choices in our daily lives, sea turtles are increasingly at risk as their migration across oceans are often fraught with devastating dangers. We can make a difference by educating the next generation of environmental and social activists, our children, about the purpose and majestic beauty of sea turtles.

In line with the theme of the conference, we cordially invite you and your family/friends to glide on over to Sea Turtle, Inc. on Friday afternoon for an educational and special excursion where we will learn about the sea turtles’ migratory journey across oceans through an interactive puppet show performed by Tortuga Island (a group of UTRGV students in the Writing Program) in collaboration with Sea Turtle, Inc. Additionally, we will create our own sea turtle made out of paper and other recyclable materials so that we, too, can teach others about sea turtles and what we can do to protect them. We look forward to participating in this educational and fun excursion with you en celebración de las majestuosas tortugas marinas.

Excursion: Sea Turtle, Inc.
Location: South Padre Island
Time: Friday, November 2, 3:00-5:00pm
Host: Dra. Alyssa Cavazos, UTRGV Rhetoric, Composition, & Literacy Studies
Presentation: Victoria Mendez, Adrian Muniz, Deborah Contreras, and Pamela Herring, UTRGV Writing Program
Who can attend: All conference attendees and their families and guests, especially children
How many can attend: Up to 234 people total
Additional costs: None


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