Summer Update 1: Check Your Junk Mail

Hope everyone is enjoying a restful/productive summer! After a brief hiatus that involved sitting in a tube in a river in central Texas, the Planning Committee for the 2018 National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing is back at work. You can expect us to be more active on Twitter and email, and to regularly update this blog and website over the upcoming weeks leading up to the conference in November.

As most of you know, the Reviews Committee completed their work, and the acceptances and regrets were sent out at the end of May. I say “most” because for a number of you, the acceptance emails autogenerated and sent out by the NCPTW Portal ended up in junk mail folders or didn’t arrive at all. (Institutional email servers can be fickle.) If you’re wondering about the status of your proposal, particularly if you need some kind of evidence of your acceptance before applying for travel funding from your institution, I would recommend you check the junk mail folder for whatever email you used to submit your proposal for anything received around late May/early June. If your acceptance notification isn’t there, please contact the committee to let them know.

In early August, the Reviews Committee will complete their assessments of the second chance proposals. If you took that route, you can expect a response then. Around the same time, we will send out acceptance conformation forms, where you’ll be able to confirm your intention to attend the conference, make any changes or modifications to your presentation title and list of presenters, and indicate preferences for food, accessibility, and excursions.

Later, we’ll share information about travel grants for presenters and attendees. The NCPTW Grant Committee is actively working to update the application process. In the meantime, conference registration is open, and lodging is available.

More soon.




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