Join us for NCPTW in the RGV


This upcoming November 2-4, the Writing Center at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will host the 2018 National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing on South Padre Island. The conference theme is “Migration,” but we’re looking forward to your proposals related to a range aspects of writing, tutoring, and administration.

Over the next few months leading up to the Conference, we’ll use this webspace to share ideas, images, and resources to help you prepare for your conference and ready your trip to the Rio Grande Valley. Included in that will be posts like this, where the local organizing committee, Writing Center tutors, and other members of the NCPTW community will chime in with advice, opportunities, and perspectives.

Proposal submissions are due by Monday, April 30. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, of if you’d just like to hash out an idea, you can contact me at or the organizing committee at

We’re looking forward to having you join us in the RGV!

Thanks and kind regards,
2018 NCPTW Conference Chair



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